by Flavio Daniele

This book by Flavio Daniele, a famous and appreciated martial arts teacher, illustrates both theoretically and technically, Xing Yi Quan, a Chinese martial art considered by many the most effective and functional.
The underlying principle is the imitation – better still the identification – of the wild animals, in order to be able to obtain immediate, instinctive and, as much as possible, effective and automatic reactions in combat stress.
“Obviously,” writes the author, “it is not about mimicking the animals’ movements in a stereotypical way, but to develop, through a process of identification with their actions, the offensive power they are capable of generating when they fight. All this without sacrificing your body to an efficacious and passionate effectiveness, without consuming your joints or exhausting your muscles with wearing workouts. ”
The volume is fully illustrated and is accompanied by a DVD in which the author presents all the explained figures.
The book (in Italian) is out of stock.