di Kanzaki Hiroshi

Kendō is a kind of traditional Japanese fencing, fought with a katana, the sword used by samurai in kenjutsu. Ad a matter of fact, “Kendō” literally means “The Way (道 dō?) Of the sword (剣 ken?)” and its practice was influenced by Zen Buddhism principles: the samurai was indifferent to his life during the battle. Today, instead of the katana, are used wooden swords (bokken) for the “kata”, while for training is used the shinai (consisting of four bamboo sticks), and it is put on a sturdy armor (bōgu).
In the manifesto “The Purpose of Kendo Practice”, written in 1975 by the All Japan Kendo Federation, you can read that the purpose of this practice is “shaping the mind and body, cultivating a strong spirit and, through proper and severe training, striving to progress in the art of Kendo. To give consideration to courtesy and honor, to be with others with sincerity and seek forever self-improvement. In this way you will be able to love your country and society, contribute to the development of culture and promote peace and prosperity among peoples.”
In this book, besides a detailed description of the fundamental technical aspects, the reader will find cultural insights, so to be introduced to the philosophy and history of this wonderful discipline, a living expression of traditional Japanese culture.
The book is available only in Italian language.