bi Giorgio Cantelli

Over 2400 color illustrations of uniforms, grades, badges of the Warsaw Pact armies. These illustrations were a didactic tool made in the 1960s by the NATO Services to give information about the enemies uniforms. This book, unique in its kind, reproduces all the files in the supply of the Atlantic armies during the Cold War.
“The Italian Army need to acquire information about the foreign armies composition, equipment and uniforms, and to give information to its combat troops, dates back to the 19th century.
These publications were wrote up about allied, neutral and enemy armies. The first illustrated manuals date back to the time of the Triple Alliance. During the two world wars, the production of brochures on enemy and allied forces increased considerably, including the translation of the combat troops and logistic units tactical rules. Among this vast production, especially by the Information Service, there were the manuals published in 1941 and 1942 entitled “U.R.S.S. News on the Armed Forces” including photographs, silhouettes, profiles, designs and color tables.
This volume fills a void in the field of historical studies on the Warsaw Pact.” (The Chief of the Historical Office of the Army.)
This book is in Italian and comes with English parallel text.