by Giorgio Cantelli, Luigi Menna

Uniforms, armaments and accoutrements of the Italian Mounted Police, in a complete and accurate overview covering more than a century and a half. In the first part of the book there are the story and evolution of the Italian Mounted Police since the nineteenth century, when the unit was created and developed. The second part is dedicated to the uniforms, it is offered an in-depth, chronologically ordered picture, according to the changes in denomination and organization of the Italian Police. The following chapters examine the theme of decorations and badges, with some pages dedicated to the heroes and the fallen who honored the Mounted Police.
“This book satisfies the expectations of the uniforms scholar and those of a simple enthusiast, browsing the pages because of the beautiful color images or intrigued by the many historical news. Much of the documents and images were still unpublished, as the exceptional tempera tables by Giorgio Cantelli. It is a book to read in one go, because the protagonists are in front of us, almost on every page. Their uniforms, as well as their expressions, send us ancient messages of honor, discipline and professionalism – elements that tell us all the unknown stories of this unit. “(Antonio Laurito – Chief of the State Police Historical Office)
The book is available only in Italian language.