by Cesare De Agostini

“Anime e Motori” first edition dates back to 1969. It was a collection of articles signed by Cesare De Agostini, a journalist working in the oldest Italian newspaper: “La Gazzetta di Mantova”. At that time the book was published by CITEM, the co-operative that still prints “La Gazzetta”.
Forty-four years later, thanks to PE and AMAMS (Associazione mantovana auto e moto storiche – an association of vntage motorcycles and cars lovers, dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari), is possible to retrace the history of Mantua on wheels: From bicycles to motorbikes, browsing the newspapers of that period, describing the protagonists of an epic era, collecting photos that tell the past of this city from an original and moving perspective. In just over a century our lives changed thanks also to the fastest evolution of transportation.
“‘Anime e Motori’ – writes the author – comes back with texts and photographs that are a bit dated. But if the engines are shrunken, the souls do not. Those are still alive, talking, making themselves heard. They come from the pages of old newspapers, single issues and words too. These are the memories of who lived a good part of it, half a century ago. ”
The book is available only in Italian language