di Fabio Celoni

Fantasy comics. On a rainy night, following the traces of his imprudent friends, a boy enters the old parental home warehouse, in the countryside, and makes a discovery that will change his life: The secret diary of his grandfather experiments. His grandfather was always considered quite an awkward and lonely man, devoted to secret passions, never fully clarified.
What his late relative wrote are cryptic and fragmentary notes, and they open to the boy an unknown world. In adulthood this lead him into a solitary and totalizing search: the labyrinthine reconstruction of another life, following the steps of that made by his grandfather, confused in the mystery of a multitude of books, in which physics, magic, photography, particle study, hermetic and alchemy mingle without apparent logic.
A story told firsthand by an enthusiastic and curious man, who is, at the same time, distressed by what he is bringing to light: The dense pages of his diaries, excited and hallucinated, are full of spectral visions and hopes, fears and thin perceptions. The author brings us on a journey to the boundaries of reality and reason, of what we believe to know about the world around us and how it appears to us until the final door, immersed in the metaphysical darkness of the “Ephemeral Shadow” and its mysteries.
His direct testimony also makes use of photos depicting the incredible instrument he himself constructed over many years of studies, albeit without the fundamental design indications, for the author’s prudent will.
The book is available only in Italian language.